Our Vacay Spot! – #SabaSabaWatamu

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! I hope y’all crossed the year in style. Me? I’m still on vacation! Yay!

So, shortly after getting off the hell bus, we were rescued and whisked off to Saba Saba Villas – a lovely little hotel nestled along one of Watamu’s peaceful beaches.

Whenever I want a beach vacation that’s far away from the Mombasa mayhem, I opt for Watamu. The town of Watamu is simply magical. It’s beautiful, friendly and just a tad bit sleepy – the stereotypical Coastal town, right down to the tuk tuks that are the main mode of transport and the quaint eateries around town (I strongly recommend that you visit Mawimbi for their strong and delcious Pinacoladas and Andreas ice cream shop next door for their Hazelnut ice cream, YUM!)

We had never stayed at Saba Saba before and were excited to try it out. This hotel did not disappoint! It is the absolute embodiment of easy-going Coastal warmth and flair. It’s the kind of place that makes you feel relaxed and at home from the moment you walk in. The kind of place where you put your feet up on the sofa and cuddle a cushion on the very first night!


I love Coastal themed decor and at Saba Saba, it’s not overly done…it’s just enough to remind you that you’re not in Nairobi anymore.


I feel so relaxed here! I actually think the lack of WiFi and network at Saba Saba and around Watamu is intentional (we had to come to Pole Pole bar, the only bar with reliable WiFi, for me to publish this post!)


Romantic corners abound on the hotel’s grounds! There are many secluded hideaways for couples to cozy up in. Mr. Big and I were especially fond of this spot overlooking the ocean. It had only two sunbeds and was our special place for sunrises and sunsets.


Saba Saba has a great pool too! The water is warm, it’s not too crowded and is open 24/7. Also, the poolside bar is an absolute win! *sips colorful cocktail*


Our WiFi time is up! More about what activities we did here in Watamu later!


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