Mshikakis On A Sunday

Some Sundays are absolutely perfect for at-home barbeques. The kind of Sundays where you’re too lazy to go out but are too restless to stay on the couch. The kind of Sundays where you want to do something interesting at home but also want to do something practical, like feed your child. I love such Sundays. And they’re great for mommy-daughter bonding!

This past Sunday, during a bored search through my fridge for dinner ideas I discovered some left-over cubed meat and veggies and immediately thought, “Mshikakis!”. We still had some skewers remaining from our Christmas party last year so we had everything I needed – no need to make a run to the awful, bare-shelved Uchumi down the street!

Naturally, Ella was thrilled about the idea. So we got in the kitchen and got to work!



In retrospect, skewering might not have been the safest activity to undertake with a 5 year old. However I am happy to report that no fingers were lost during this exercise. WIN!

After we got the skewers prepped, we threw them on our (tiny) grill. Ella got to help with the flipping and basting of the mshikakis while I stayed a safe distance away and snapped some pics (Momma’s not trying to get the smell of nyama choma stuck in her clothes for the whole damn day. No ma’am).



When the meat was almost done, I popped some stuffed red peppers in the oven for a little bit and then tossed some tomato crisps in a bowl for a quick, no-frills barbeque dinner.



As we sat down to eat, and after ALL the work we did skewering, Ella slowly started to un-skewer all the veggies from the mshikakis and put them on the side of her plate. When I asked her what she was doing (in horror and dismay), she stated very matter of factly “I’m removing the onions because onions are poisonous for children”.

Sigh. KIDS.

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