We’ve finally started our Lamaze classes! This is a part of pregnancy that I’ve been itching to get to, because Lord knows I need all the help that I can get calming down and believing that everything is going to be ok during labor and delivery.

You might be wondering why I need Lamaze classes and yet I’m a second time mom. Well, as I keep telling y’all, it’s been almost 6 years since I was on this roller coaster ride of pregnancy and I REMEMBER NOTHING! Seriously. It feels like this my very first time. I’m pretty much a pregnancy virgin.  Also, the last time I was pregnant, I knew that I was going to get an epidural and so I didn’t learn a single thing about pain management during labor. With this baby, I plan on taking the natural childbirth route so I figure that I should learn a thing or two about pushing a human being out of my body without any pain medication.

Mr. Big and I signed up for Lamaze classes the first chance we got and so far, so good! We’re only two classes in and yet we feel like we’ve already learned so much! In between hip thrusting exercises, pregnancy hypnotherapy and watching videos of other women pushing babies out of their vaginas (surprisingly encouraging rather than scary), we’ve received lots of tips from our midwives, like how semen helps the cervix soften, and how sex during pregnancy is recommended as it gets the vagina ready for birth, and even how the girl-on-top sex position is a great way to open up your pelvis in preparation for delivery. (Notice how daddy-friendly all these tips are. Mr. Big thinks this is the most wonderful class that he’s ever taken in his entire life)

I have to say that he’s not the only one who’s loving the classes though. I am too! I feel like by the time we’re done with the 5 sessions (each session is 3 hours long by the way!), I’ll feel better prepared for childbirth mentally, physically and emotionally. I also love the fact that they provide an opportunity for Mr. Big and I to open up to each other about our anxieties, fears and expectations about the upcoming baby.

During our first session, one of the activities they asked each of us to do was to draw a picture showing our vision of the delivery day. Now. I have said plenty of times that I am very artistically challenged, but I gave it my best shot.

Take a gander at my vivid stick figure scene below, complete with a script!

This picture represents a mixture of fear (that labor will be one of the hardest things that I’ve ever done in my life) and hope (that I’ll find the strength to overcome the challenge). It’s also rooted in realism – I’ve opted for a water birth so I’m sitting in a Jacuzzi with the sun shining (yes, I’ve decided that it will be a daytime delivery on a sunny day) and music playing in the background. Also, notice how Mr. Big has his phone out and is live tweeting my delivery. Can I please get some credit for drawing the Apple logo on his phone?!

Of course, Mr. Big being an actual artist, easily sketched his vision of delivery day in about two minutes flat. His drawing legit brought tears to my eyes. It made me (and probably the midwives too) fall in love with him all over again.

It’s all the warmth and love that I could have dreamed of in one simple drawing. It reminded me of what matters the most. When he revealed his drawing, tears welled up in my eyes and all my anxieties disappeared. I felt like everything actually was going to be ok.

I’m so happy that he’s the Yin to my Yang. I’m so happy that I’m on this journey with him.

Two classes down, three more to go! Next we’ll be learning about recovery, breastfeeding and newborn care. Can’t wait to tell you guys how that goes!





8 Comments on Lamaze!

  1. Samoina
    October 13, 2016 at 10:58 am (10 months ago)

    Wishing you the best as D-day gets closer Shiko! Your drawing made me smile 🙂 notice the sunshine. Also, the Mr’s drawing captured you three perfectly well!

    • Shiko
      October 13, 2016 at 1:54 pm (10 months ago)

      Thanks Samoina! We’re praying for a smooth and SUNNY delivery 😀

  2. Sonia
    October 13, 2016 at 1:50 pm (10 months ago)

    Awwwww. You draw like me #stickfiguresteam 🙂 You are very brave for choosing to go the natural way. Hope all goes well. It’s a blessing that you have Mr. Big who is very co-operative. That is a big plus. I’m definitely learning a lot from you. Hope to God I get to use the info. Blessings!!!!!!!

    • Shiko
      October 13, 2016 at 1:58 pm (10 months ago)

      Team Stick Figures FOREVER! I’ll be right here waiting to hear all about YOUR journey when the time comes! Thanks for reading Sonia!

  3. Jules
    October 13, 2016 at 3:37 pm (10 months ago)

    Lol. I’m #teamstickfigures also! and your drawing made me laugh! Love that nice big sunshine and eerr…boom box. Hahaha. Thanks for sharing, I didn’t know Lamaze teaches all that. There’s a lot of good info on this blog that I can’t wait to refer back to when my time comes 🙂

  4. Sarah
    October 13, 2016 at 7:21 pm (10 months ago)

    All the feels!!!

    Just discovered your blog and you’re channel. You write soooo well and your family is so precious. All the best in your journey and I can’t wait to refer to your notes when my time comes!

    Hugs!!! 🙂

  5. Rodah
    October 16, 2016 at 10:13 am (10 months ago)

    Taking each step with you.

  6. Brenda
    November 28, 2016 at 10:14 am (9 months ago)

    Hey, just cone across your blog. Unlike you, I’m a legit first time mum (lol) and just wanna ask where you do your classes. Need to start like 3weeks ago coz I’m due in less than 10 weeks. Where and how much is the entire thing.
    P. S great blog.


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