Fake Swimming Time!

It’s bloody hot! Where, oh where is this El Nino that everyone keeps threatening us with? It’s been nothing but blistering dry heat lately, and what better way to cool down than with the good old tradition of fake swimming?

Fake swimming is something I’ve been doing with Ella since she was a baby – it’s an easy, cheap, fun filled activity.  And who doesn’t love those?! All you need is some sun, some space and a basin filled with water! Then you dress your little one up in a swimming costume and yell “Swimming time!”.

You wouldn’t believe how excited they get. I think half the fun of swimming for kids is just being in a swim suit. The other half is getting the chance to play with water. Do either of these things necessitate an actual swimming pool? No! That’s why fake swimming is PERFECT.

Look at how tiny she was when we had our first fake swim years ago!

Ella Standing Pool (640x552)


She’s been a water baby since she was born this one! But she used to spend more time running around the basin than actually sitting in it!

Ella running pool (800x600)


Fast forward to present day. She’s gotten bigger, the basin has gotten smaller, but she has just as much fun!

Step 1: Fill the basin with water and add a few toys. The exact science Ella uses to pick the toys that are invited to her fake swim is a mystery to me. All I know is that she marches up to her playroom and a few minutes later, emerges with her toy selection. I don’t ask any questions.



Step 2: Watch her do everything BUT sit in the basin. This includes giving each of her toys a proper scrub and occasionally spraying me with her water gun!



Step 3: Stifle my laughter as she finally scrunches inside the basin. This looks like torture but I can assure you that she was loving every minute of it, squashed though she was! My Christmas gift for us this year will definitely be a big inflatable pool!



Step 4: Try to coax her out of the water after she’s been fake swimming for hours and is getting cold and wrinkly



I love fake swimming. Yay for easy (and cheap!) fun filled afternoons!


2 Comments on Fake Swimming Time!

  1. Enelesi
    October 12, 2015 at 3:50 pm (2 years ago)

    I have refused! You have to buy a bigger basin. Poor baby squished in your laundry basin. Yaba! But you are right , the truth is that all they want is to dress up like they are going to swim and be free to play with water. As long as they are happy that’s what matters.

  2. Mummy Tales -A Kenyan mum's blog
    October 13, 2015 at 10:42 am (2 years ago)

    LOL you and Ella are so funny!!! That fake swimming is the ish! But her legs up in the air though 🙂 🙂 please buy her a bigger basin or those mobile pools. Nice post.


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