Clueless Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here and I find myself to be in a state of distress. Why? Because I hate this stage of my relationship. The stage where you don’t have any established traditions for special occasions. The stage where you’re not even sure if you celebrate, let alone give gifts on certain occasions. The stage where you’re still too shy to ask “what are we doing for Valentine’s Day?!” and too cautious to have high expectations.

You know what I love? I love established traditions. I love knowing what to expect! If I know what to expect, then maybe I can get a sexy dress … or a fresh wax… or rob a bank to buy a nice gift. I can prepare. I loathe this uncertainty.

Are we even exchanging gifts this Valentine’s Day? Who knows?! And if we ARE, what general price range are we looking at? Because I hate awkward gift exchanges (we had a couple of those already last year). What if I get him a fancy watch with matching cuff links and he gets me a solitary rose from Nakumatt? Or what if I get him a simple bracelet from Maasai Market and he gets me a Michael Soy bag? I am not here for any of that awkwardness.

To make matters worse, I’m neither good at dropping hints nor hiding my disappointment. So this? This might be a complete disaster. And this? This is why established traditions are marvelous.

If this Valentine’s Day is a complete fail, then on Sunday I’ll post a blog with just one word – TEARS –  in large, dramatic font. And y’all will know. It will be our official code for Valentine’s Day despair.

Just three more days of uncertainty and confusion to go.

What are you guys doing for Valentine’s Day? Any big, amazing plans? Feel free to jealous me with your awesomeness.

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