Christmas Decorations Are Up!

I actually did it guys! I rolled up my sleeves, turned on some Christmas jingles, downed a glass of wine and began the exhausting but rewarding task of putting up Christmas decorations. It wasn’t easy but it was well worth it – our home is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


Ella really enjoyed all the decorating, especially when it came to dressing the Christmas tree with festive ornaments. Sure, she burst into a flood of tears when a few ornaments that she mishandled broke (did I mention that I have a dramatic child?), but all in all, we ended up with a pretty decent looking tree.


Did I tell you guys that I love Christmas lights? Well, I do! And this year, I decided to go all out with them. We hang them up along the stairwell, on the tree and on different walls around the house. Ella literally shrieked and fell to the floor when we turned on all the Christmas lights (the child is dra-matic, I tell you).


I do fear, however, that the table decorations may not survive the season. These things have been knocked off by just about every one of Ella’s little friends while they rocket through the living room during play. I’m defiantly keeping them though, they make Mama happy!


My goal of starting Christmas traditions for us is definitely underway! This was a fun and memorable bonding experience, which is exactly what I wanted for Ella and I. Yay for Christmas!



Have you guys decorated yet? Also, can we discuss how expensive Christmas decorations can get?! WOOH!


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