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Teletubby Tingz

When you imagine yourself pregnant, you usually envision a sunny, glowing version of yourself. You imagine yourself sporting a big, beautiful, round belly that protrudes out of your otherwise unchanged figure. You just can’t wait to be the cute little pregnant woman you were destined to be! And then you get pregnant. And quickly realize […] Read more…

Site of the Namorutunga Stones in Turkana. The site has already been mapped by the county government as one of the premier tourists’ attractions. PHOTO | SAMMY LUTTA | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Kenya is Beautiful!

I can count the number of Kenyan towns I have visited outside of Nairobi with disturbing ease: Embu, Kirinyaga, Naivasha, Nakuru, Machakos, Watamu, Malindi, Mombasa and Eldoret. That’s it – less than 10. In truth, I can hardly even remember what most of these towns are like, either because I was a child when I […] Read more…


Arts, Crafts & Us

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not an artsy person. I have never been. In fact my dad loves to remind me of that one time in kindergarten when I had a nervous breakdown because my homework included one simple instruction: to draw a pig. I was 5 years old and convinced that […] Read more…


Mshikakis On A Sunday

Some Sundays are absolutely perfect for at-home barbeques. The kind of Sundays where you’re too lazy to go out but are too restless to stay on the couch. The kind of Sundays where you want to do something interesting at home but also want to do something practical, like feed your child. I love such […] Read more…

Always Brand Ambassdors Kenya Basketball captain Silalei Owour and Kenya First Marine Pilot Elizabeth Marami 3

Mommy’s Diapers #AlwaysStandUpKE

Mommy’s Diapers. That’s what Ella called my pads the first time she saw a packet of Always laying on my bed. And I didn’t correct her. I didn’t tell her that they were actually called pads or that I needed them for something called periods. Instead, I quickly nodded, thanked God she hadn’t mistaken my […] Read more…

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