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My Boobs Are Blowing Up!

Somebody get Hugh Hefner on the phone because I’m ready for my spread in Playboy! I mean, what else am I supposed to do with these ballooning boobs that I’m growing over here? I think that if Hugh overlooked my bulging belly he would be thrilled to discover that my rapidly growing prenatal breasts have […] Read more…

Mama Mio

Stretch Marks, Be Gone! (Please?)

Stretch marks aren’t new to me – I got my first set when I was 13 years old after experiencing a puberty-induced growth spurt that saw me gain over 10kgs in less than a year. I was the plump, insecure teenager told “heh, you’ve become a ka-fatty!” at family functions. Fun times. Thankfully however, stretch […] Read more…


Babies Don’t Grow On Trees

Let me tell you a thing: This business of baby production ain’t cheap.  The gravity of that statement is hitting me bit by bit, as I get further into my budgeting ahead of D-Day. Now, you would think that since I’ve been down this road before, that I would be a pro at this. You […] Read more…


5 Ways To Pamper Yourself While Preggo

I never pass up an opportunity to reward myself for enduring life’s little hardships. Why? Because life is hard. Kindergartners get gold stars just for walking in straight lines but nobody gives adults a single thing for driving through traffic, paying bills on time, dealing with maniac bosses and basically just ADULTING. We deserve ALL […] Read more…


Teletubby Tingz

When you imagine yourself pregnant, you usually envision a sunny, glowing version of yourself. You imagine yourself sporting a big, beautiful, round belly that protrudes out of your otherwise unchanged figure. You just can’t wait to be the cute little pregnant woman you were destined to be! And then you get pregnant. And quickly realize […] Read more…

Site of the Namorutunga Stones in Turkana. The site has already been mapped by the county government as one of the premier tourists’ attractions. PHOTO | SAMMY LUTTA | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Kenya is Beautiful!

I can count the number of Kenyan towns I have visited outside of Nairobi with disturbing ease: Embu, Kirinyaga, Naivasha, Nakuru, Machakos, Watamu, Malindi, Mombasa and Eldoret. That’s it – less than 10. In truth, I can hardly even remember what most of these towns are like, either because I was a child when I […] Read more…

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