Bedtime Water Battles (and why they’re a blessing in disguise!)

Let me tell you about a scene that replays countless times in my household:


“Goodnight Ella”

“Goodnight mommy”

(10 minutes later, after I’ve tucked her into bed, turned off her bedroom light and finally popped open that bottle of wine that I had been craving…)

“Mommy? I need some water.”

“Ella, you’ve already had water and if you have any more you’ll wake up at night to susu”

(Why is her waking up at night a problem, you ask? Because when she wakes up in the middle of the night, she wakes me up so that I can turn on the corridor light for her. She doesn’t see this as a problem.)

“I won’t wake uuuuuuup. Please mooooooom”

“You WILL wake up Ella. Now, please sleep.”

(At this point, I know full well what’s about to happen: she’s about to switch gears and activate her ultra-heartbreaking mode that gets me every time. And sure enough…)

“But mommy, I’m so thirstyyyyyy. I need some water…please mommy, just one sip. Pleeeeeease.”

(And then? I give in. Every. Single. Time.)


In Ella’s defense, she rarely wakes up to go pee even after having that extra sip. And if I’m being honest with myself, I am blessed to have a daughter with such a healthy love of water.

I feel even more blessed to be able to give my daughter as much clean drinking water as she wants whenever she wants because unfortunately, many mothers around the world are unable to do this for their children. In Kenya alone, it is estimated that 37% of the population lacks access to clean drinking water and over 3,000 children die every year due to diseases caused by poor water quality and inadequate sanitation.

My bedtime battles with Ella over water immediately sprung to mind when I received a press release from P&G this week announcing the launch of their Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program in Kenya. I was delighted to hear about the program which has the sole objective of making safe water and proper sanitation accessible for all.


Power Of Clean


They’ll do this through tiny 4 gram sachets of purifier that can clean up a whopping 10 litres of dirty water in just 30 minutes! The technology behind it is genius in its simplicity and actually pretty cool to watch (see pics and video below!). The P&G Purifier of Water packets have won numerous prestigious awards for innovation, technology and humanity and I couldn’t be happier that they’ve made their way to Kenya!

Power Of Clean Demo


I can’t wait until more and more mothers have the opportunity to share the hidden blessing of the bedtime water battles with me!


The Power Of Clean Water



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