August Holiday 2016 is here!

The August school holiday is finally here! Let me tell you, with the changing of term dates and different schools closing on different weeks, it’s taken us quite a while to settle into this school holiday. But settling in we finally did! And as is tradition in this household, I recently created a daily activity schedule for Ella to follow while she’s on her school break.

Yes, I do realize that this sounds a tad anal but you must understand that preschoolers are dangerously prone to two terrible afflictions: boredom and whining. Having a holiday timetable is an easy way to keep kids happily engaged throughout the day. These schedules are also lifesavers for nannies who would otherwise have to keep these wild spirited children entertained for eight hours nonstop while you are at work.

As I worked on the schedule, it dawned on me just how much Ella has grown since I last did this! Now that she’s better at reading, I can simply write down her schedule. I no longer have to find images online, print them out and then paste them onto giant sheets of manila paper like I did before. All I need is an erasable white board, a marker and I’m in business!

This is what this year’s August schedule looks like:


The board is stuck on the fridge so that she and the nanny can reference it throughout the day


As usual, outdoor play remains an important part of her schedule. We are blessed to live in a neighborhood with plenty of kids and the opportunity for them to play safely outside for hours at a time. Playing outside was a given when we were young, but you would be surprised how many neighborhoods these days lack safe play areas for kids. And then we complain when kids stay indoors all day…

This holiday, in recognition of her advanced age, I have decided to let Ella choose her daily activities for herself. Every morning, she informs me which two activities she will be partaking in after completing her holiday homework (yes, kids still get holiday homework). Her options include coloring, sticker workbooks, reading and creative writing in her diary (Even though she asked for it, I’m not sure Ella quite understands the concept of a diary because she uses hers to jot down the most random things e.g. who she’ll invite for her next birthday party or which shoes she has in her closet)

I am forever amazed at how fast she’s growing up, and it saddens me that she won’t be my little girl forever. I know that one day, instead of being wide-eyed and enthusiastic, she’ll vehemently protest my attempts at scheduling her holidays.

For now though, I’ll happily plan her schedule and enjoy the privilege of being allowed to read her sweet little random diary for as long as I can!


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