5 Reasons Why Koroga Festival Is My Main Plan For Mother’s Day


1.They Gave Me Free Tickets

You know that I will always keep it real with y’all. I hadn’t made any plans for Mother’s Day and honestly hadn’t given it much thought until I got the FREE TICKETS CALL. At first I wasn’t sure that I wanted to spend my Mother’s Day at Koroga (I literally exclaimed to the chick on the phone: “KOROGA IS ON MOTHER’S DAY?!”) but then I really started to think about it and you know what? I think it’s a fantastic Mother’s Day plan, and here’s why:


2. Mother’s Day Brunch is overrated!

Just kidding. Brunch is awesome. But you can have brunch any day of the year! In fact, my plan to prolong my Mother’s Day festivities is to insist on a Saturday brunch and then finish Mother’s Day weekend off with Koroga on Sunday. That way, I get a two-day-long Mother’s Day celebration! WIN!


3. Enough With Jumping Castles!

It seems like the only entertainment that kids are exposed to these days is a wide range of jumping castles. Kenya must have the most prolific accumulation of jumping castles on earth. They come in all shapes and sizes. They are everywhere. I want Ella to experience a different form of entertainment for once – a live music concert! Kids are more cultured than we give them credit for and I have a feeling that Ella will have tones of fun at the concert. If your little one is hell-bent on jumping castles, fear not because there’s usually a huge kids play area at Koroga. Fun will be had either way!


4. Manu Dibango

I get to see Manu Dibango LIVE in concert! He’s an amazing Cameroonian jazz musician. Full disclosure: Until recently, I only knew him as the guy who did the Makossa song. But I’m super excited to hear more of his stuff this Sunday! Just watch this clip of one of his LIVE performances…WOOH! I can’t wait!


5. Shakey Your Bum Bum Mama!

What better way to celebrate motherhood than to spend the day being cooked for (it’s a Koroga Fest after all!) while you gyrate your hips to some awesome music? Listen, I’ve been a mother for a full 5 years and I intend to celebrate this accomplishment by busting a move with my little one right beside me!


So who’s ready to party with me?! See you guys at Koroga Festival this Sunday!


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