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    5 Myths About Single Moms

    Some of these misconceptions make me cackle while others might land me in prison for aggravated assault

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    What’s Your Love Language

    Knowing what you need in any relationship is a great first step to getting what you want out of it…

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    5 Lessons On Motherhood

    Motherhood has tested, taught and damn near torn me apart over these 5 years. But I’m still standing…

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    Merry Christmas (Single) Mommy!

    Rather than sit back and wonder what an imaginary perfect family might be doing over Christmas, this year I want to start a brand new (single mommy) Christmas tradition!

  • Christmas Decorations Are Up!

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…!

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    Our Vacay Spot – #SabaSabaWatamu

    We’re staying at Saba Saba – a cute hotel nestled along the Watamu beach – and it’s a lovely slice of paradise!


Kiss It Better

As I said before, sex is LIT when you’re in your thirties. It’s like your mind and body just…open up (HA). Now just imagine being 30+ and having a pregnancy-induced increase in blood flow to your vagina and labia, resulting in ultra-sensitivity and heightened arousal at the slightest touch. HELLO CUNNILINGUS! Let me tell you, […] Read more…


Cravings & Aversions

The last time I was pregnant, I remember telling everyone within earshot that I had ZERO cravings. I remember talking a whole lot of smack about how pregnancy cravings were nothing but a myth created in Hollywood to sell romantic comedies. “Pshhhhh! Cravings? What cravings?!” I scoffed.   Fast forward to this pregnancy and I […] Read more…

My Pick Me Up

I’ve been having a rough couple of weeks. Nothing seems to be going right at home or work. I know in my heart that writing makes me feel better, but I can’t help but stop writing completely when I’m feeling down. Then I start feeling down about not writing, which makes me feel even down-er. […] Read more…

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