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    5 Kenyan Mommy Blogs You Should Follow

    Whether you’re looking for inspiration, information, humor or a virtual shoulder to lean on, there’s a gang of blogging moms that has your back.

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    5 Myths About Single Moms

    Some of these misconceptions make me cackle while others might land me in prison for aggravated assault

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    What’s Your Love Language

    Knowing what you need in any relationship is a great first step to getting what you want out of it…

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    5 Lessons On Motherhood

    Motherhood has tested, taught and damn near torn me apart over these 5 years. But I’m still standing…


What’s Your Love Language?

Several years ago I read a bestselling book called The 5 Love Languages that dramatically changed my view on relationships. In the book, author Gary Chapman posits that human beings express (show) and experience (feel) love in 5 main ways: gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service and physical touch. So, while some […] Read more…


Happy Birthday Ella!

Forgive me friends, for I have sinned and it has been WAY TOO LONG since my last confession blog post. The past two weeks have been absolute madness at work. However! Though I may be failing on the blogging side, I’m proud to report my absolute winning on the mommy side. Yay! Last week we […] Read more…


Request for a Mammogram – REJECTED!

A few weeks ago I preached about the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness month and asked you all to schedule your mammogram appointments ASAP! Soon after typing that post I marched into Mater Hospital and demanded my very own mammogram, STAT! (Ok, I didn’t really shout STAT(!) at the hospital but I’ve always wanted to…) […] Read more…


5 Myths About Single Moms

I’ve been a single mom for close to 3 years now and continue to be astonished by the misconceptions many people have about this gig. Complete strangers form detailed conclusions about my life within seconds of learning that I’m a single mother. Some of these false assumptions make me cackle while others might land me […] Read more…


Fake Swimming Time!

It’s bloody hot! Where, oh where is this El Nino that everyone keeps threatening us with? It’s been nothing but blistering dry heat lately, and what better way to cool down than with the good old tradition of fake swimming? Fake swimming is something I’ve been doing with Ella since she was a baby – […] Read more…


Reading Time!

I am SO happy that Ella loves reading as much as I do. I’ve been reading to her from the moment she was born and to this day, it’s still one of our favorite bonding activities. Her nap and bedtime routine has remained the same since she was an infant: bath, book, bed. She even […] Read more…

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